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Unless noted otherwise, all pieces are in stock and ready to ship.

Since each piece is unique and time intensive to make, there are a limited number of available pieces in the shop at any given time.

Shop updates will be announced on our instagram and facebook pages, so please check back periodically. 


Please note that our pieces are 100% handmade and think about the wabi sabi philosophy “perfection of imperfection”, do not expect the perfection of the commercial products.

Functional pieces are glazed on the inside (unless noted otherwise) and will hold water and food. Pieces are also noted in the description whether or not they are food safe.


Like most handmade ceramics, the best way to care for our pieces is to hand wash. Please do not use the functional pieces in the oven, microwave or on the stove. Our pieces, like any ceramic or glass product, will break if dropped on a hard surface. 

Payment Methods
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